How to Make a Fortune in Neopets – Tips and Winning Strategies

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In spite of being perceived as a game designed exclusively for kids, Neopets is attractive for people of all ages, especially for animal lovers. In order to offer the cute, fluffy creatures you adopt the best living conditions, you have to buy neopoints to obtain specific items. The competition is sharp, and things are not always easy, but you can use the following tips to multiply your points within a short period of time.
Methods of Making Quick Neopoints

After you open your account, play as many levels as you can, because, for each level completed successfully, you receive a certain number of points. The number of points depends on the difficulty of the level, so the higher the level, the higher the number of points. Although this approach takes time and effort, so it does not allow you to earn many points at once, it is a sure shot and a good starting point for your future fortune.

Participating in different competitions is another method to earn points. Lenny Conundrum is one of the most difficult to win contests in the game, but the winners of the top places are substantially awarded. Other competitions you can participate in are the Mystery Picture, the Storytelling Competition, the Random Contest and the Poetry Contest.

A way to make big points fast is “restocking”, but it takes a lot of practice, patience and quick thinking in order to pay out. It also involves an initial account of minimum 50,000 points, and the best choices for restocking are the Food Shop, the Magic Shop and the Toy Shop.

“Sniping” is your chance to make hundreds of thousands, even millions of points in only one session, on the condition that you already have 50,000 points in your account. By pulling up the shop wizard on your browser, you can bring low-priced, rare items from the shops of your competitors to your own shop, and sell them for huge profits. Almost all skilled players use this approach in order to multiply the points in their accounts, so the rapidity of your actions is the factor that determines the size of your profits. Mootix, rare paintbrushes and Icy Snowflake are among the items that bring you the most substantial gains, if you succeed in “sniping” and reselling them.

You can also “snip” items from the competitors’ shops with the help of the trading post, instead of using the shop wizard. However, in this case it is harder to appreciate the real value of the items, because they become available several at the same time and not all potential buyers can make up their mind to purchase a certain item the very moment you sell it.

How to Manage Your Shop in Order to Gain a Lot of Points

The shop you own is your main source of income, so you must come up with a good strategy, to allow you to buy your merchandize at a low price and sell it for as much as possible. For instance, if you have only 10,000 points in your account, it is advisable to buy neopets items that have a small value, so that you can resell them quickly and obtain considerable profits. Scratchcards and food are two good examples of items you can sell as a beginner.

Just like in real life, you have the possibility to advertise the products sold in your shop, by placing announcements on the forum of the website. However, you must not abuse of this option as you risk to be banned from the game.

Offering periodic discounts or even pricing some items lower than your competitors can bring a lot of customers to your store. However, under-pricing your stock can lead to it being “sniped” by other players, so you must be cautious when you use this strategy. You can, instead, give away items with a small value to every 50th or 100th client.

In order to keep your customers close, you must sell your items at the same prices for a longer period of time, and only raise the price when your shop gains more popularity and an extended base of clients.

The size of your shop must correspond with the target you set at a certain point. You must enlarge it only when it is no longer able to store all the items you have in stock.

If you try “restocking” as a way to make points fast, turning off images in the browser for a few seconds can be very helpful, because it allows you to move ahead of the competition and buy the most wanted items at the lowest prices.

Make your shop attractive, but without exaggerating. After all, the quality and quantity of your stock are the main reasons why customers come and buy from you.

Is It Worth to Buy Neopoints?

Most players consider the possibility to purchase points as their ultimate solution when it comes to keeping their virtual pets happy. Points are, indeed, traded for real money, and you can pay between 10 cents for 250 points and 44 dollars for the maximum allowed amount of 40,000 NP.

However, if you care for the little fluffy creatures you adopt and you want what is best for them, you can supplement your income by joining a pay-per-click program. This allows you to gain real money for clicking advertising banners and visiting certain sites, and you can use a part of the amount you obtain this way to buy the points you need.

You should not disregard the possibility, because, unless you have the minimum number of points, mentioned above, you cannot apply certain strategies to earn points fast, and that could cost you time and points on the long term.

If you invest wisely, you only buy a few cheap neopoints and you multiply them later on, using the above described strategy, so that your pets can have everything they need.